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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just One More Fall Foliage Post....Maybe

Photography credit for these shots goes to my husband who knows I'm obsessed about taking pics of fall leaves.  How sweet is that?  He took these about 2 weeks ago.   This is the countryside near Peterborough Ontario, very close to our friends farm. 

Homeward bound.

Looks like uninhabited wilderness as far as the eye can see. that a house in a clearing???

Land o'lakes.

Shelter Valley Farms straight ahead.
(aka cows, cows and more cows)
I hope you have enjoyed the colours from a slightly different perspective than I am able to offer you from the ground up.


  1. Can I go up with him NEXT time?????
    Such a view from up in God's Country...

    Thanks for sharing these marvelous photo's Jackie...



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