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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Happy Birthday Girl

Sierra is living proof that you never get too old for a pirate ship birthday cake and a "Birthday Girl" button.
Okay everybody...CHEESE!
Can you believe I didn't even notice the mirror frame behind Mike's head when I snapped this one.  It looks as if he has horns.  (or angel wings...hahaha)

Kait and Garmin
Garm is growing like a weed.  He is a snuggly boy in the evening when I'm watching TV.  Puppyhood passes so quickly, so we are trying to take lots of pics and enjoy him while he is still a little fluff ball.

As for my resolutions....ack...I have been faithful to many of them.  I have fallen off the wagon on the "cooking from scratch" front.  I just seem too tired by the end of the day or something.  Anyway, that is one to work on. No excuses today though as it is Saturday and I'm home all day.  A good opportunity to experiment with a new recipe and since it is a balmy -23 degrees here I think a pot of homemade soup might be the order of the day.

  I have been better about leaving work for my time off but I could improve a little there too.  As for getting out for more exercise...well...I try to take a page from Cesars book but hey get real...he lives in Calif. for Pete's Sake!!!!  I would be taking merry treks every day too if I didn't have to contend with "wind chill/frost bite" warnings.  It was -29 here yesterday and I was just lucky that the truck groaned to a start yesterday morning!  But happily we are starting to notice the days are getting's no longer pitch black dark at 5pm but rather dusk. 
Goodbye January...coldest of the months!!


  1. What a wonderful picture of Mike, sometimes pictures come out the way they were just meant to be!!!SO COOL...
    I don't ever think your TOO old for a Special Birthday Cake or even a Special Button...
    Just Celebrate...

    I so Love seeing the pictures of Garmin, & I would just love to get ALL those Puppy kisses...
    He looks so precious I think I could Hug him all day...

    As far as your resolutions, Can't help you with those But maybe when Spring finally gets here the exercise one will be a lot better. Too difficult when your NOSE freezes when you Walk!!!

    Glad to see you post again Jackie even if you have to use your daughters computer...
    As were BOTH happy to say GOODBYE to January...

    Always My Best

  2. Lovely and fun post! Sounds like fun!Hope you had a great wkd...and made some of that soup you mentioned!

  3. You are hardy folks, indeed, to endure such cold! I figured out that walking a certain circular route inside my house is good exercise. 100 laps is approximately 1 mile! Sometimes if I'm watching television, I will do this during commercials.

  4. Sounds like you are having fun Fellow Canadian Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Thanks for checking in with me! I really love your blog, the music, all of it! I'll be checking back.....


  6. What a lovely blog - esp like the music! Your pup looks sooo cute, like my little texas girl. will check back with you!


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