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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Out With the Old and In With the New ~ My Promises for Change

a new year approaches
not unlike the last I think
one day fading into night and into day again
4:45 alarm shrieks on the bedside table
6:00 bleary eyed lock fumbling
multi-task no time for lunch for this one woman complaint dept.
6:00 home at last and so it goes one day fading into night

a new year approaches
different than the last
as one day fades into night so do opportunities come and go
take a chance
go out on a limb
find the courage to make it different

So there you have my lament for the year past and my resolution for 2010.  Resolutions are hard things to uphold nevermind lay down...but maybe a gridwork of thoughts would be better.  After all is said and done if I don't have any aspirations for 2010 then it might just be a cc of 2009 and I will see it come to a close with these same regrets.  So here frame to build a year on....
1.  Start a hooked rug.  Stop procrastinating and saying I don't have enough time...set aside the time and do it.
2.  Place a seed order and start my own seedlings indoors instead of finding myself in the middle of May kicking my fanny that I didn't do it yet again.
3.  Finish reading Nikon D60 for Dummies and really experiment with photography in the way I want to. 
4.  Read all the books I bought in 2009.
5.  Enroll Garmin in Puppy School.
6. Do a little weeding every day.  It can actually be a relaxing and enjoyable activity if I keep on top of it.
7.  Join the local photography club.
8.  Bake more. (from scratch)
9.  Stop being critical of others...when I find myself going down that road grab my rug hook or start weeding.
10.  (This is the key to all of the above.)  I vow, with this blog as my witness to stop going the extra mile at work.  I am on hours are split shift 6-10:30 and 2-5:30....working 6am 'til 5:30pm only serves to make me bitter and unproductive at home.  Points 1-9 will never transpire if I continue to work crazy one appreciates it is just a job not a career...I am 50 and not getting any younger...I must take care of me because no one else will.

So there you have poem, my rant, my to-do list. OK 2010 lets Gitt-er-done!


  1. Jackie...
    Ohhhhh, Such a LIST!!!

    Garmin in Puppy School???

    I just have to get of my @#&*% and get things done!!! (SOONER)

    Wishing you & your family ALL the Happiness a New Year can bring...

    My Best~Marilyn

  2. How are you doing on those resolutions, two weeks into the new year? I enjoyed your post, though I am late in reading it! You have quite a list of resolutions, but what a great list - I could adopt some of those myself. I hope you are well, and have a great 2010!

  3. HEY, It's time for you to POST again!!!
    What's Up??? Hope everything alright...

    Need to see some of your new photo's, so Please share...(Puppy, puppy, PUPPY!!!)

    Thinking of You...


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