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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Almost Ready to Put the Garden to Bed.

 Here are a few pictures from my late summer garden.  I'm always amazed by the transition the Hydrangea takes when it goes from white to green then perfectly brown like whole wheat toast.  This one is Annabelle.
It's plain and simple...easy to grow...just my kind of plant really.

This Lavatera seeded itself from last years plants. I was pleased to see them come back and they managed to tuck themselves into all the right places, filling gaps and bare spots.

A few Concord grapes that look better than
they taste.  Can you say "pucker up"?
This is the tail end of my pink Phlox that I love so much and will sorely miss until next summer rolls around again.
I cheat and let the New England Asters fill in the garden out at the end of the laneway.  Who am I kidding...I let them be wherever they seed themselves.   Is it really laziness on my part or rather taking advantage of what natures gives us? I vote for the latter.
This photo isn't my was such a breezy afternoon that the flowers just wouldn't stay still long enough for me to focus.  (That's my story and I'm sticking to it..hahaha)   The breeze and perhaps the glass of wine I was enjoying while strolling around the yard may have contributed to the slightly fuzzy picture.
At any rate....I'm trying to squeeze every last summery moment out of  September before the killing frost comes as it surely will soon. 
I hope you have the chance to enjoy the simple pleasures in your backyard before they disappear for another year.
Cheers from Meadowsweet

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  1. I Love the Green of the Hydrangea & the Pink Phlox next to your Old Fence is unbeatable...
    It's getting pretty Cold in the evenings down this way to Jackie BUT NOT like I see the 18 degree temp. on your weather widget!!!
    Best Pics...Thanks for your sharing...


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