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Sunday, September 27, 2009


My species Clematis...the flowers are never spectacular but in early fall the seed heads look like the little dancers from the Disney movie Fantasia.


  These photos were all shot earlier in the week.  Of course yesterday dawned sunny and crisp and the leaves have changed remarkably since last Tuesday when I was out and about...but of course yesterday I was working so driving about taking photos was out of the question. 
The leaves on my species Clematis are turning and I thought this one was a most wonderful red.

This wild apple tree is growing in the ditch just down the road a piece.
The apples sure don't look very appetizing...but I'm sure the deer will enjoy them just the same.

A view down the road showing the maples just beginning to turn.
We had a good frost night before last and that always does wonders to speed things along.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Jackie...
    Such a pleasant image of the 'View Down The Road' with the Maple Leaves changing...
    I can sit here and dream...

    I remember Old Apple Orchards, left untended that the deer would always come to in the Autumn. Such a Tasty Treat for them this time of year!!!Beware of the Hunters though!!!

    My Best To You...Marilyn

  2. Nice shot of the clematis, I think I sometimes like them better once they have gone to seed.

  3. What beautiful photos showing signs that fall is on the way. Here in the desert, we see a few signs, but not as many.

    Thank you for sharing.


  4. The clematis is so unique. Great shot! I also like the view of the road bordered by such colorful trees. Nice job!


  5. i loved fantasia! thankyou for reminding me about that movie :)
    p.s lovely photos

  6. Very nice and weclome to Sunday Stills..:-)

  7. Thank you to all who took time to stop in and comment.
    Marilyn: Deer hunting season doesn't open until Oct.15 and then only for archery so I think I will be safe enough. Still..I take no chances and where a construction workers reflective vest when I'm out walking the dogs through the bush...I look a sight but it works.
    Violet,Lisa and Moresecretwhispers: I can't agree more...clematis is much more interesting in seed...and I used to love watching Fantasia with my girls when they were small.
    Noelle: I would love to see the desert one day...I bet it is more diverse than most realize. Thanks for the lovely comment.
    Ed: Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm thrilled to have found all of you!

  8. I love that shot of the road, with the trees just starting to show their fall colours. This is the time of year when I get nostalgic for Ontario, and the wonderful Autumn changes of colourful leaves.


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