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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lean on Me

It has been very quiet around here without Hunter.  I haven't been feeling up to blogging or taking pictures since losing my sweet boy.  Poor Willow is very clingy and confused...I don't know if dogs grieve but I'm sure that she is. 
Wee Remington tried his best to entice her into a game of tag around the kitchen table the other night...but to no avail. 

Sometimes a dog just needs an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on and a toasty woodstove to curl up beside.

It's all good.

Told ya I should be a therapy dog!

Therapy work is rewarding....but sooooo very draining.

I have to work today....but tomorrow we will head out to Porcupine Hollow on our snowshoes and honour Hunter by doing what we all loved so much and take a long trek through the woods taking pics in the snow and chasing squirrels and anything else that may cross our path.

A silly moment when he let my grown kids dress him up.

I am thankful that he owned me for 10 yrs.  That he only knew one home.  That he left this world with Willow and his girls by his side.


  1. Your doggie is happy and healthy again, playing with my Julik (1996-2009) and other friends at the Rainbow Bridge. How lucky we are to have them in our lives!

  2. Jackie...
    I am so sorry to hear the sad news of Hunter's passing. I am certain that the entrance to the Rainbow Bridge was quite crowded when Hunter arrived. A good game of tag with new friends is always on the schedule surely.
    I shall keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Peace to you...

  3. Hi Jackie, I just stumbled upon your blog. Oh, I'm so sorry about your dear Hunter. I was thinking today of my Jasmine, a back lab who passed away a week before Christmas, two years ago. She is buried under a weeping Japanese maple in my woodland garden. Your blog looks very interesting - I look forward to visiting again.

  4. Hunter was met at Rainbow Bridge by our old Boxer Sandy, our dear Dobie PJ, and our wonderful Blue Heelers, Bart and Lisa. I am so sorry for your loss.

  5. I am sorry for your is true that dogs do mourn. I am glad she still has a friend to be with. We lost our dog of 13 years and our Golden has been quite we bought a new friend for her and she is so happy now.

  6. Oh I am just crying reading about your losing Hunter, I am so sorry. We lost our Duke back in July, he was only 6. We have been devastated ever since but we do have 2 new pups now and they are doing their best to fill the void in our home (and making their way into our hearts, that will take time). I understand the whole not feeling like blogging thing, I have been struggling with motivation ever since. Here is to a new year full of new experiences and new happiness!

    PS - Thanks for following my blog, its great to "meet" you =)


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