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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Meet The New Addition

I am going to show off my Christmas present.
Santa brought a wee Labrador puppy on Christmas morning.
His momma is a Yellow and his poppa is a Chocolate.

His name is Garmin and he's just 6 wks old.
Really a bit too young...but his mother stopped feeding the puppies at 5 wks and my husband had already picked him home he came.  He spent the week with friends so he was a surprise for me on Christmas morning.  I had no idea my Santa was bringing me a pup and the moment I saw him was both happy and sad.  He will never replace my Hunter but he will weave his way into the fabric of Porcupine Hollow and be a play mate for Willow.

Willow has accepted him and is letting him nap on her bed.  She is such a good girl.
Garmin is hubby's choice for a name....I like Ruger and the girls are undecided. 
For now he's "the pup"....


  1. AWwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! What a beautifu soul! Enjoy your new family member!

  2. Jackie ~
    Oh my...what a sweet young lad! I am delighted that Garmin found a special spot in a loving and forever home. Please keep us posted on all of the new and happy times. Enjoy all of the puppy kisses!
    Hugs to you,

  3. Oh Jackie...he's such a sleepy little boy...

    Willow looks like she's thinking 'Ok, If I have to share'...

    I wish you MANY years of Puppy Love. Lab's are such wonderful and loyal dogs. I know your hubby was only thinking of you when he brought home the NEW bundle of joy for Christmas...
    It took me awhile to get a new puppy after I lost my OLD Golden Girl and it took my daughters to do it...

    Wishing you All the Joys...Marilyn


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