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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Short and Sweet

Last spring I completely missed the delicate but fleeting show performed by these spring beauties.  I'm not even sure how it happened but last year I completely forgot to go looking for my Bloodroot until it was too late.  I vowed that wouldn't happen again and now I have their digital images saved forever.
Sanguinaria canadensis

The original plant was given to me by a gardening friend who has since moved away.  I am reminded of her friendship and generosity every spring when I look to see if the Bloodroot is up. Valerie was a heart friend and kindred spirit always willing to make holes in her garden just so she could share a shovel full of this plant or that.
This is one plant I must transplant down to Porcupine Hollow.  (One of many that will make the move with me) 
The garden at Porcupine Hollow will be a new garden filled with old friends.


  1. Jackie...
    Those are the BEST plants & BEST type of friends that share a piece of themselves with you, you'll always have a piece of their heart forever to remember...
    I also am Lucky to have a lot of those in my garden, so many neat wild flowers grow by the stream that I transplant to the same ideal type of area they came from...

    Your surly going to have a Beautiful Garden at 'Porcupine Hollow'...Can't wait to see some photo's next year when they all get situated!!!
    Thanks for sharing a part of you...

  2. Great photos, lovely plant with wonderful memories. I too, have many plants that started as snippets from friends. Looking forward to seeing the garden at Porcupine Hollow.

  3. Fine greetings to you Jackie ~ Welcome back...I have missed visiting with you, and am delighted that you are back chatting with us all!

    Your gardens, filled with friendships, are particularly dear. Such a garden is a special place to be, surrounded by reminders of dear hearts near and far. They do give one great comfort.

    I shall look forward to your future posts... until then, I wish you well!


  4. One thing that makes a garden special are the memories it contains. Many of my plants remind me of old friends. Your bloodroot is beautiful!

  5. My mother used to grow blood root. It reminds me of her and I have some planted in our garden. I love the way the leaf curls round the flower. It is exquisite.


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