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Thursday, April 8, 2010

What a difference a day makes.

A walk-around inspection of my garden revealed these emerging rhubarb leaves.
The very next day revealed this.

I always judge the arrival of spring by rhubarb sightings.
It's a ritual I inherited from my Dad.  He would always announce that spring was really here because his rhubarb was up.  I hate to disturb my patch but this year I must take a clump of rhubarb root down to Porcupine Hollow.  Hopefully the deer won't decide to make a salad of spring greens of it.
A walking tour of my front garden revealed these wee treasures.

I planted these along the sunny banked side of the driveway.  The warm location gives everything planted here a headstart.
A cheery sight and I'm glad I snapped a picture since they didn't last long.
Until the next garden tour....have a great day!


  1. how lovely it is to witness earth's rebirth and relish all spring has to offer!

  2. Down here, I judge Spring is finally here when the 'Skunk Cabbage' is popping up by the brook...Not pleasant, but the same, only SMELLIER!!!

    Do you ever make Rhubarb Pies???

    Just lovely crocus's...Sure sign that Spring has finally come to us...

    Always My Best~Marilyn


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