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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Country Life

I thought I would start off with some photos I took earlier this summer. These weathered bluebird houses haven't been used in a while by the birds...but they do add a nice primitive look to the fenceline.

A view of the laneway...dappled light and so many different greens. The trees to the right are just plain old poplars but pretty enough I think. I especially like the way the wind sounds when it blows through their leaves

A view across the field to the neighbours house. Makes me wish I lived in a red house. I think people who live in red houses must have a lot of confidence in their decorating choices or maybe they only had red paint...who knows?
These are just a few of the simple things that make me happy. Like peeking through the pagewire fence and walking through the tall grass.
I hope you've made time to enjoy life's simple pleasures today.

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  1. Dear Jackie...
    Absolutely beautiful to awake in the morning and look out at scenery like this...
    Old wooden posts, fences & grassy fields only make it more calming...Such an open feeling...

    I do believe they had an abundant amount of 'RED' paint, BUT just adds to the landscape peeking through the trees!!!

    I too have some Old Bluebird houses that have seen better days, BUT have made cozy homes for the mice in the winters...

    Wishing you Grace on your New Journal my friend, such a Joy for us...


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