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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jackfrost is coming

Fall is fast approaching. It was a chilly 5 degrees when we got up this morning and soon the leaves will be turning and jackfrost will get my flowers. This got me thinking that I should take a few pictures of some of my backyard roses before it's too late. Before I got to the roses however I got sidetracked by this crazy Virginia Creeper that has attached itself to the side of the deck and grows everywhere but where I want it to.
The birds planted this sunflower. Chickadees are such random gardeners. Who doesn't love the surprises that spring up when birds drop seeds? This dragon fly was sunning herself and didn't mind posing for a picture. Notice her shadow on the leaf.

Finally, now to the rose. I can't for the life of me remember the name of this one. It is a steady profusion of blooms from June until frost. The flowers are small but vibrant and they form large clusters that make quite a show. I love it because it is very vigorous and hardy enough to withstand our winters. Not being able to remember what rose that is is going to bug me all night now.'s been a long day and it's time for bed.
I hope you took time out to enjoy the simple things today.


  1. 5 Degrees...Oh My Gosh Jackie...You guys sure are 'EARLY'...
    We just had about 70 degree weather yesterday!!!
    Guess your going to have an early winter...

    Love your photos and I TRY and get Virginia Creeper to grow here BUT way too much shade by me...
    Always want what you can't have...

    My Best To You...Marilyn

  2. 5* did it not kill your lovely flowers? It's chilly here today...beautiful and sunny..but of my favorite kind of days.

    What lovely pictures & what lovely flowers.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today and for leaving such a lovely comment. I do love this time in my childrens lives and our for that matter..but from time to time...a bit of loneliness sneaks in.

    Stay warm in those chilly temps. Have a lovely day, Doreen


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