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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Long Weekend Getaway

Earlier this month we travelled north to my dads camp. It is about a 10 hour trip from our house but worth every minute of it once we are there. No electricity, no phones, no roads and no crowds. I suppose it wouldn't be for everyone but it's heaven to me. I was 4 yrs old the first time my parents took me there. We took our girls as soon as they were old enough to walk across the portage by themselves and hopefully one day we will have grandchildren who will delight in the unspoiled beauty of "the camp".

A view down the river, early evening.

A beaver house on the side of a small lake.

Sometimes I just take pictures of rocks. I figured I'd show a softer side of camp life and take shots of beaver meadows and calm water just for a change of scene.
These are the memories that keep me going when the demands of work and chores seem overwhelming and there doesn't seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel.
Fill your memory bank with the things that bring you peace and make frequent withdrawls when the daily grind starts to get you down.

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  1. The simple beauty of nature is a joy indeed! Thank you for sharing your photographs!


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