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Saturday, October 17, 2009


It sure has been one chilly week.  Heavy frost every night...Ottawa weather reported nightime temps of -3 but we are about 25 kms away out in the country so it's always colder here.  Our thermometer outside the kitchen window was registering -5 every morning this week.  I made a valiant attempt to keep my beautiful fushia alive...but even hanging it inside the garage every night couldn't save it from the "end".  Yes is a hanging mass of dark blackened leaves...sad to say but true.
I spent the week cleaning up the garden...still more to do on that front...but I have made a good start.  I like cleaning it up and putting it to bed.  Lots of time to think about what plant is invading where it shouldn't...what is doing poorly and needs to be moved about and a good time to plan and dream for next spring.

I left the wheelbarrow upright in the rained...then after knocking the ice out of it I loaded up.  As you can tell by the photo...I use the "lazy mans load" method. Proud of myself for not upsetting it on the way to the compost pile out back.

I always have help in the garden.  In this shot Willow is inspecting the powdery mildew problem on the phlox.  Hunter is just showing us his "good side".

Okay, proper pose for our adoring public....then can you throw the tennis ball?
Next on my to do list....get those bulbs in while I can still get a shovel in the ground!!


  1. I hope your bulb planting goes well.

    Your gardening companions are just too cute!

  2. Gee Jackie, You seem to garden like me. As much as I can fit in ONE load the better!!!
    Yep, Guess you sure had colder weather than us down here.
    My Phlox also have the same problem, flowers worth it though
    Great Family pose there of Willow and Hunter that is~

    Stay Warm My Friend

  3. Very cold here as well, ice on the birdbath this morning. I almost got all my bulbs planted, I really hate chopping a hole in frozen ground, and it won't be long.


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