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Monday, October 12, 2009


The sunny day we had here yesterday was perfect for drying out the milkweed pods.  Today they are splitting open and the seeds are taking flight in the breeze.

This lone seed has gotten tangled in the seedheads of some Goldenrod.

Yes....these are growing in my garden...I leave them because every good butterfly garden should have some Milkweed and I really do like their flowers.
(The Goldenrod however, is in the field next door where it will be much loved by the flocks of Goldfinches that will be here soon.)

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  1. What beauty there is in a milkweed pods. Who knew? You have a great eye for hidden beauty. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I got some photos of these today, I've been searching for WEEKS! I found a few pods that have split and will be going back to harvest a few in the next few days. I want milkweed in my garden too! I remember going to a daylily farm that had "dig your own" plants and there was this heady, very strong, purfume-y scent and guess what it was?! Milkweed! I've wanted some ever since.

    great job on the photos!

  3. Wow! These are great pics. And I learned some new stuff, too. Now I want some milkweed, too. Do they grow in New Mexico??


  4. I remember always Blowing the little 'Parachutes' to the wind when I was young...
    Seems so long ago...
    They will always have Beauty in my eyes...
    Lovely Photo's again Jackie...
    My Best~Marilyn

  5. Really beautiful. The Milkweed looks so soft and silky.

  6. I cant remember seeing milkweed for so long..I am from the Midwest, so maybe that is where I remember them...none out in the Northwest. Those are wonderful shots, very nice!

  7. these are really cool, great detail!

  8. We have lots of Goldfinches, I should plant some Milkweed. Since it is a weed, I wonder where I could get some? I love your pictures, they reminded me of my days in Illinois where I saw lots of them. When the pods were opening and there was a breeze it looked like a snow storm! :):)


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