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Sunday, October 18, 2009


The challenge today is the Letter C. 
I decided to represent the letter C with photos of Comfort.
(Mostly due to the fact that I left my picture taking to the last minute and then I could only think of Campbell #2 daughters cat...and well that wasn't enough....)

Remmington, my daughters 8 wk old Pug finds comfort wrapped in blanket on a chilly fall afternoon.

Campbell knows that true comfort means snoozing on the dog bed. 

Comfort is homemade Potato Soup and Scones hot from the oven served with my own wine.

Comfort is Pumpkin pie for dessert.

Comfort is an evening spent in your Flannel PJ's and woolly slippers.
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  1. Very nice, I said it could be a thing or situation, well done..:-)

  2. Very creative; love that snuggle-pug! And I'm comin' over for some of that pumpkin pie!

  3. Can't beat 'comfort', great choices.

  4. Lots of lovely C things in your post today. You were asking me about garden zones when you visited my blog. Hope this helps you out a bit.

    Garden zone numbering is different in Canada and the USA. I find Americans don't know this and assume our zone 5 is the same as theirs. Actually we are zone 4 according to their grading system. I don't usually order anything from the internet but do all my shopping at the local garden center. The American way usually has USDA in front or behind it. If you search on Google you will find explanations.

  5. Lots of "comfy" foods and things. That soup looks yummy for a cold day!

    Ebie's Letter "C".

  6. A very Comfie post today. Everyone looks very Content! It's 70 degrees here today. No need to bundle up and stay warm just yet. But I'll take some of that potato soup and a scone, please, anytime! :)


  7. What a lovely post! Very charming and cozy! Love that sleepy puppy!

  8. Love the shot of the comfy slippers and jammies! Good selection!

  9. Give me that yummy food, and I'll agree to sleep on the dog bed even without warm slippers. Very cozy post!

  10. Totally in love with Remmington...
    Funny, I just made some potato & bacon soup...
    Great comfort pics Jackie...
    Stay Warm~Marilyn

  11. I love everything.......the cute puppy, sleeping cat, freshly baked scones, soup, pie & my favorite are warm socks!

  12. awww the pug is soo cute i want to squeez him!

  13. Warm socks and flannel jammies.

  14. I love comfort, and that potato soup, and scones looks wonderful.



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