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Monday, October 26, 2009


I missed out on Sunday Stills this I will post a combo macro Monday/Fall Foliage shot. 

If you want to see the pretty colours now you have to look down.  Our trees are all but bare now...with the exception of the oak tree in our front yard which turns brown and hangs on to it's leaves until the snow finally knocks them off.

Maple leaves resting on a mossy log.

Last Birch Standing.
Go to to see some great photo shots.


  1. Very nice, love the Maple leaf, O'Canada..:-))

  2. Beautiful leafy carpet. Nice job. :)

  3. I am first time visiting your blog and like it at the first site. Love these maple leaves. vibrant red in colour.

  4. Hello,

    SO beautiful. I like it when people leave the leaves on the ground, for at least a little while. I think it prolongs the beauty that autumn leaves lend to the landscape.

  5. Beautiful display of Fall color and Macro!

  6. Oooh! So pretty, especially the red leaves on the moss. Nice contrast.


  7. The leaves on the mossy log are very nice!

  8. I love that pretty birch...fabulous!! I love the color candy in all these shots.. great post!PS: I love Loreena Mckennit!..It is always lovely hearing that in the background..


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